Current projects

Sankalp credential co-operative society ltd. Barwani ,Dsitt. Barwani Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development

• Details about the Project: Since 2007, Vikalp Samajik Sanstha has been working for livelihood generation of the women. The main objective is to promote and improve the financial status of women. But to change the present scenario of women for better livelihood an opportunity was provided on 1st November 2013, by the formation of Sankalp Credentials Co-Operative Ltd, Badwani, was established by Vikalp Samajik Sanstha. The role of this was to up-lift financially, the poor and backward women by giving them counselling and opportunity to generate their livelihood.

Objectives of the Project:

The objective of Sankalp is to provide financial services on time at reasonable rates, when required. In the present state it has been observed both in urban and rural India that small communities of poor people take small amount of money (Rs.500-5000) on loan from the money-lenders, who charge higher rate of interest and are therefore forced to keep their belongings like, jewellery, gold, property and even their ancestral belonging as mortgage. For small amounts large interests are charged for profit making, by money-lenders. As people here do not know about financial institutions and access to these institutions are out of reach. To protect them from money-lenders, there is a need to link them to the financial institutions and in the near future they prefer visiting the banks for any financial requirement, so that they can get rid of indebtedness. Keeping these problems in mind Vikalp microfinance initiated, a need to establish Sankalp credential cooperation society ltd and to give this a form of „limited‟ under Madhya Pradesh Act 1960 clause 7(1) also arose in the 96 villages of Thikari, Rajur and Pati, to increase their livelihood generation and promotion.

• Type of Population:

In the region of Badwani, in M.P, Sankalp is working for promotion of livelihood amongst the backward women of the society. The organization provides microfinance services to the SHG women, so that even others get motivation and more number of women join the SHG groups.

• Number of Population Covered:

500-600 urban and rural families have been benefited from this service, as they are linked to education, health and livelihood generation by providing time to time counselling as well. This has resulted in the improved status of men and women both.