Livelihood Promotion Program (with Nabard)

Livelihood Promotion Program (with Nabard)

To encourage livelihood generation activities for women without differentiation of caste or creed, Vikalp Samajik Sanstha is working in the sector of livelihood promotion activities with NABARD, where, SHG of women which is voluntary group and any women of the community, can participate and become a part of the self-help group.

In order to promote livelihood, women are encouraged, and regular weekly meeting are held, in these meetings other than livelihood generation activities other problems are identified, solutions are discussed and implemented as well, these include,
 - Opportunities and new chances of livelihood
 - Prevention of disease which attack in specific season
 - Improvement in Livelihood generation
 - Family planning and population control
 - Problems of present day, Malnutrition and supplementary food
 - Information on Nutrition and Diet
 - Information on compulsory education
 - Aware and inform about Human Rights etc.

Vikalp samajik Sanstha approach the rural areas in order to improve lifestyle of people and solve problems through the meetings held of SHGs.


Presently, more than a 500 SHGs, in which more than 5000 women are involved on which VSS is working with. In these SHGs, 35 % Women are SC, 40% women are OBC and 5% women are Muslim and the rest 20% women are from other community.

Objectives of the Project:

The main objective of this scheme is to provide help and support so that the economically weaker families could help themselves to raise their standard of living and within 2-3 years make them self-sufficient to make then economically stronger, which will in turn strengthen the community. These groups were also linked to income generation, saving and then to banking.

Covered Areas: Blocks-Garoth/Bhanpur , Indore rural

The organization is working on livelihood promotion programs in the rural parts of Blocks of Garoth , bhanpura of district Mandsaur and Indore rural, of District Indore, from the year 2015-16

Types of Population:

Through this program strengthening of economically weaker groups of rural population are focused. At present, 3000 families from rural area have received benefit from this program.

Major Outcomes:

From last 4 years, continuous efforts are made to buttress the need of the EW section of the society, which orient around 5000 women towards employment. Other than livelihood promotion activities VSS team also makes aware about the health related issues time to time and this has resulted in increase in the working hours which will in return increase the income of the family.