Adolescent Groups - Kishore Samuh

Adolescents Groups – Kishore Samuh

Purpose :-

Kishore samuh are safe centres which offers adolescents education on life skills facilitated by experts / trainers / peers on different social and health-related issues, such as reproductive health, sexual abuse, children’s rights, gender, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), sexual harassment, child trafficking, substance abuse, violence, family planning, child marriage, dowry, and acid attacks. The purpose is to develop adolescent life skills and raise awareness on important but taboo issues.
“Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all ages towards upliftment of quality of life, thus benefits underprivileged section of the selected locality.


Safe and supportive environment, with better communication with parents, teachers, elders and society at large.
Proper physical and mental health education in the process of growing ups.
Ample guidance related to substance abuse, HIV, AIDS, pregnancy and other illness.
Improvement of life skills for self protection in adolescents.
Easily accessible and barrier free adolescent friendly health awareness guidance and proper referral to health centres

Covered Areas: Blocks – Anjad Bolck , Barwani and Manawar Block , Dhar

The organization is working on livelihood promotion programs in the rural parts of Blocks of Garoth , bhanpura of district Mandsaur and Indore rural, of District Indore, from the year 2015-16

Type of population :-

25 Groups of adolescents in block Anjad distt. Barwani and 25 groups of

adolescents in block Manawar distt. Dhar . Each group have minimum 12 members. Total 300 students each block. 60-70% students are from SC/ST community and very low financial background. Male – Female ratio is about 40:60.

Major Outcome:-

Sensitize groups of teenagers and add agendas to regular meetings. To ensure interactive dialogue, the project was designated "" Kishore Mitra "" towards maintaining and empowering adolescents. "Better Decision Making Among Adolescent Girls, Prevention of Early Marriage and Early Pregnancy. More Contagious Options for Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights. Reduction in Cases in RTI and STI.

Adolescent group members and youth were trained to be health conscious through sports. "

To encourage the community to change child marriage, child labor, sexual exploitation and dowry practices through street plays in identified villages. Giving information about the right age of marriage, importance of education and employment opportunities .

Creating street theatre from among the members of the teenage group. Training them in acting and speaking dialogues will boost their enthusiasm and confidence.

The members of the Adolescents Group and their family youth were trained to create micro enterprises. "