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Geographical location with river Narmada is favorable for the Nimar Plateau region of M.P, to produce sugarcane. People engaged in production of sugarcane, due to economic, social and geographical problems, they are unable to get the cost of their product.
To get some solution to the problems faced by the farmers, Vikalp Samajik Sanstha in the year 2013-14, conducted a research study with the help of CMS (Catalyst Management Service), Banglore,   in three districts of Nimar plateau region (Khargon, Badwani&Dewas), to study the techniques used and participation of women, through which in future new techniques and methods can be introduced to them.

Objectives of Research:
Main objective behind the research study is to study the social and economic development status, through which it can be known reasons which are not allowing farmers to produce much sugarcane and the status of women participation.

Places Covered:
Research was conducted, in which household survey of 553 farmers, from selected villages of three districts namely, Badwani, Khargon and Dhar.

Research outcome and output:
The research was conducted by the VSS Research Team in the three districts; the conclusion drawn out of it was that many farmers followed different farming techniques to produce sugarcane crop. But, if proper techniques are followed it will definitely bring a change in the quality of sugarcane. The study also helped to know the economic and financial status of farmers and the major problem faced by them was that the sugar mills, motivated these farmers to increase their yields, but bought required amount of the produced crop, and the rest of the matured crops were subjected to stay on the fields for longer duration, which resulted in decay and the crop was spoiled by the insects. This in turn affects farmers economically and made them helpless. The research were done in collaboration withVSS- (M.P), CMS- (BANGALORE), and GRAMEEN Foundation INDIA.