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Venue: Hall at GayatriMandir, Anjad

Women were considered amongst most respected being from the Indian culture from ancient times. They have also been considered as goddess on earth, but ironically, they have also been projected to neglect, and this has led to the depressed status of women, women lost the privilege of decision making, and so the aspect that is “sexual and reproductive health” is still a far more away from women even today, where women do not liberty to take decisions for themselves.
Problem so identified needs to be solved and therefore the solution was to provide counseling to a large number of people through, implementation of Community based activities towards positioning SRHR as critical to Poverty Alleviation , with the support and guidance of FPA INDIA, through VikalpSamajikSanstha .

Objectives of the Activity:

Community based activity orientation program for women on gender equality and poverty alleviation and also to bring awareness amongst the women about their rights, that is to aware them of their sexual and reproductive health and rights for poverty alleviation.

Detailed Information of the Activity:

Under the guidance of F.P.A India, VSS, Branch Anjad, M.P, to bring awareness among the women belonging to the backward slums, the program was arranged at GayatriMandirParisar from 28-11-2014 to 07-12-2014, in which, every single day a batch of approximately 25-30 women participated. In this way around 300 women were made aware about Sexual and Reproductive health and rights by different resource person.


Resource persons from different different sectors devoted their time for the awareness generation program held at Anjad.Through orientation workshop women were made aware of the rights. They were oriented about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), in this they were asked not to neglect the Reproductive health aspects; if these aspects are neglected then it can later on create problems, like, problems related to pregnancy, sexual health problems after pregnancy, use of contraceptives, menstrual problems and types of STD etc. Every aspect was tried to cover by the resource person in these sessions, open discussions were encouraged to the maximum so that after the session no single women leaves the hall with doubt in her mind.           Along with the Sexual Reproductive Health session, discussions on poverty and right that every woman should know and use was also done.
This is how the organization helped the women to gain information on their rights and also their husbands were made aware to help them just not to have information on sexual health and rights but also to know who much it affects the family as a whole. Every female was suggested to discuss these issues to help other women so that even they can be benefited from this.

Decisions and Suggestions:
All the participating women were appealed not to take discussed aspects lightly, by the staff of VSS, Badwani, but to asked them to start thinking in this aspect from now, and keep other women updated so that even they can achieve good health.
If they face any difficulty or problem related to it they should approach a doctor at the closest health center.
They were explained how the family gets affected and how poverty is related to SRHR.
During the session, even the women decided to approach other women in family and in the community to discuss these issues which are not very openly discussed in Indian community.


Through this activity, the conclusion was drawn that still women are unaware about her rights, and do not take their sexual health seriously. As Indian societies do not openly discuss issues related, and when we say especially about the women from parts which are still downtrodden, are far away from issues related to sexual rights and health. Therefore, it was known that talking to women through these kinds of activities, camps and open discussion within the groups will definitely encourage the women to talk on these matters and pass on their learning to others, in the community.