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Objective of the Project:

  • Improve the reach, visibility and effectiveness of RNTCP through civil Society support
  • Engage communities and community-based care providers to improve TB care andcontrol, especially for marginalized and vulnerable populations including TB-HIV patients in Bagli and TonkKhurd Blocks in Dewas District.


Major Outcomes:

    • - Spread awareness on Tuberculosis and its symptoms.
    • - Educated the community to come out of the misconceptions and cultural practices.
    • - 951 Members were trained on RNTCP & TB in TonkKhurd&Bagli Blocks of District Dewas.
    • - 33 RHCP trained Subject on RNTCP & TB in Dewas District.
    • - 3 RHCP’s are contributing their services in sputum Collection and transporting prgramme in Tonkkhurd and Sonkatch blocks.
    • - 58 CHV’s trained Subject on RNTCP & TB in Dewas District.
    • - 7 CHV’s in a Sputum Collector in their working area.
    • - 115 Health Staff trained Subject on RNTCP & TB in Dewas District.
    • - 250 Referrals in the last year.
    • - 450 Sputum Collection and Transported in the Period of April, 2013 to March, 2014 out of Tested as a 45 Positive.
    • - 45 TB Patient put on DOTs.
    • Vikalp, Dewas received best AXSHYA NGO Award from CHAI on World TB Day 2014.

World AIDS Day